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CGM Grouting material under the influence of time and temperature

How to better conservation of grouting materials?
CGM grouting material quality will be affected in many ways, we mainly explore the influence of time and temperature of these two factors on the strength non-shrink grout.
First, we talk about the influence of time, after the grout construction, the initial setting is generally the first, then after a certain period of time is the final setting of the grout to ensure that we achieve maximum mild. Different types of grout, final setting time is naturally required different. BiaoYuan building materials production of ultra-early strength grouting material requires only 1 to 2 days Chaimo can use for general-purpose, pisolite type, supertype in about a week to two weeks in order to achieve the final setting.
Then the temperature factors also influence a decisive factor in the quality of grouting material, CGM grouting material raw materials, additives, aggregate performance will be affected by temperature, changing the physical and chemical properties of the grout are affected by temperature. If we construction and maintenance of the temperature is too high or too low will lead directly to grouting material properties such as strength grout, mobility, micro-expansion and other properties.
Since the influence of time and temperature on the grout so big, so we use grout construction, construction must be in accordance with the instructions of the construction, so as to avoid unnecessary losses on projects to ensure completion of the project.