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How to better conservation of grouting materials?

Plays a vital role in industrial and civil construction, construction reinforcement for the update installation, equipment, anchor bolt, and for finer waterproof crack repair, road works bedding, plumbing reinforcement and other areas. It should be brought to our attention that we have become accustomed to the past experience of the construction unit of the construction of conservation to the conservation of the grout, the results of using this method of conservation is to occur early cracking problem grout matrix is present, cracking grout matrix, they lost the ability to resist the erosion of harmful substances.
How to avoid this from happening it? That is, in a timely manner after grouting effective conservation, conservation of the better performance of the late grout as possible, be able to avoid control and maximize the performance of the grout early cracking. Construction in accordance with the manufacturer's instruction manual for grouting construction, construction is completed timely watering cover conservation, conservation of manufacturers are seven days in case of hot weather, but also to the conservation of timely watering or covering of plastic film, humidification straw bags to make better maintain grout Run more thought to avoid dehydration.