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Non shrink grout


1. It is precast in factory that could be used by adding water.

2. It is not contain metallic materials which could cause rust.

3. It has high strength and long durability in the early period.

4. It has good artesian function, rapid hardening, less than 1 hours.

5. It is not contain chloride that could avoid the corrosion to the steel and bolt.

6. It can be construction by drying filling, tamping surface, scrape, dump and pumping.



Storage period:Keep in cold and dry place, unopened product is valid for 1 year.



Application :

1. It is suitable for flow type grouting materials, precast or pre-casting folder and the grouting of the column.


2. It can be used to fill the holes and defects of concrete and joint cracks between the blocks. As well as concrete joint, cable car track and mechanical support, etc.


3. It is used for the secondary grouting of the installation of steel column and equipment.


4. It can be used for anchor bolts grouting, slab grouting, concrete hollow of concrete precast installation and repair grouting of crack defects.


5. It is suitable for the paste grouting of large stone and tile walls.


6.The toughening type is suitable for installation of large general equipment with strong vibration, basic secondary grouting (large ore crusher, large-scale ball mill, heavy hammer, cold rolling mill, conveyors, power transmission tower, bridge bearings, steam turbine generator sets, large paper machine, crane track and gantry crane rails, etc.)