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Tile Grout


BYTG2 Coloured Grout is a cementitious grout designed for use with most types of ceramic tiles and natural stone joint filling, for both wall and floor, interior and exterior applications.

Where to Use?

A:Can be used for grouting joints that are 1 - 10mm wide.
B:Suitable for use in swimming pools and wet areas
C:For both internal or external, wall and floor grouting applications.

D):For interior and exterior use.
E):For interior and exterior use.
F):Designed for filling cracks and holes in and around plaster, wood, brick, stone, concrete, stucco, metal, glass, fibre-cement, and other masonry surfaces.
G):It is specifically formulated to fill cracks that might be unstable due to normal expansion and contraction as a result of temperature changes, but it is not recommended for structural cracks.
H):Ideal for filling cracks where adhesion problems occur, for example, at the joins between cornices and walls or ceilings, where conventional crack fillers may fail. The extra adhesion and flexibility of Ready Mixed Crack Filler ensures that the filler will not fall out.
I):It may also be used to repair glazing where old putty has cracked or fallen out, and for the stopping of interior or exterior wood floors, and fascias.

1):Just add water.
2):Pourable or trowel on options.
3):Fast setting.
4):Short curing time.
5):High early strength.
6):Shrinkage compensated.
8):Free of dangerous carcinogenic and toxic odours
9):Solvent free and non-flammable.
10):Can be applied cold.
11):Excellent adhesion and penetrating properties to asphalt, bitumen and concrete surfaces.
12):Fast drying formula.
13)Great crack bridging properties.
14):Forms a flexible non-tacky film.
15):Excellent water & weather resistance.
16):Resistant to sulphates, ground salts, diluted acids

B: Mould and mildew resistant
C:Never aging and cracking,
D:No color fading
E: Excellent water repellent

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