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EIFS series

This Polymer Repairing & Strengthening Mortar is industrialized by modified organic-polymer emulsion\ chemical additives and hard dry blend. It has an excellent anti-crack \ anti-leakage\ intensity and adhesion. It can be used in various complex environment and smooth base construction. The product can prevent reinforcing bar, which is in repaired concrete, from corrosion, in order to improve the capability of anti-carbonation and chloride penetration resistance. Application: 1.It can be used in repairing of bridge \ track board and concrete road , and also in shape repairing or shape rebuilt of concrete structure(beam\ pillar \ board etc.) 2.It can be used in defect repairing and strengthening of hydraulic and industry building with concrete pole \honeycomb\surface voids etc. Can be also used in repairing of concrete balcony \railing\stair\steps etc.  

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