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AAC block adhesive mortar

AAC block adhesive mortar
AAC block adhesive mortar
AAC block adhesive mortar
AAC block adhesive mortar
AAC block adhesive mortar
Product Name : AAC block adhesive mortar

1.It has low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation property that can inhibit the difference in temperature of the wall between summer and winter season effectively.

2.It has good cohesive force and be suitable for different base planes.

3.It has low contraction efficiency that can prevent effectively the cracking and hollowing and avoid forming hot and cold bridge.

4.The construction is convenient and the product can be used after adding water and stirring.

5.It is fire-retardant, non-toxic, environmental and good weather resistance.

6.It if fast drying and drought, has good construction property.
1.It is suitable for the insulations of various internal and exterior walls and different household floors, basements and heating system, etc.

2.It is suitable for the play mode built-in that can make a protective layer for the EPS.XPS thermal insulation system.
The base materials should be smooth, strong, clean, and dry and non-grease, concrete curing admixture and other loose materials.

Technical Date:

Thermal conductivity W/(M.K)


Compression strength Mpa


compression-shear strength Mpa


Linear shrinkage rate %


Dry density /(kg/m³)



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